We are part of an innovation ecosystem.

MSCA Sweden portal was created by Mikael Syväjärvi. He is founder of an innovation SME and private research institute. The collaborations have evolved into an innovation ecocystem. Have a look at the file below, and scroll down to read about Mikael.

Dr Mikael Syväjärvi is a researcher in advanced materials since 1995, entreprenur since 2005 with start-ups and technology transfer. He is active in training and courses for research to business, competence building for research and student careers, and sharing knowledge to the youth. He is founder of Alminica AB that is active in innovation services, director at ICM Research Institute, Visiting Professor of Advanced Industrial Materials Innovation at University of Lincoln (UK), Research and Innovation Coordinator at Institute of Advanced Materials, Innovation advisor at Young Professionals Society, and active in International Association of Advanced Materials that has more than 83’000 members from 139 countries.

Dr Mikael Syväjärvi is active in research regarding growth of advanced materials since 1995, such as graphene on silicon carbide, and novel approaches of silicon carbide for new energy applications. Since 2005 Dr Syväjärvi is active in the entrepreneurial discovery process by creating startups and technology transfer from research and innovation. He has experience from broader contexts for research to market, such as avenues in European research and innovation strategy for smart specialisation for regional economic growth, and strategic national innovation programmes. He is active in global partnerships for promoting impact from research, educating next generation research leaders, and establishing value chains as tool to contribute to sustainable development goals using energy and environmental technologies from advanced materials.



MSCA Sweden is initiated by Alminica AB, a deeptech innovation SME in Sweden.


MSCA Sweden is part of innovation ecosystem with research organizations and SMEs

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