MSCA information

MSCA information

The Marie Curie Fellowship offers postdocs the opportunity to work with top researchers in their field across Europe and beyond, creating opportunities for international collaboration and networking that could be beneficial for their future careers.

The fellowship can provide postdocs with the opportunity to broaden their research experience and develop new skills that can be valuable for future employment prospects. The fellowship offers substantial funding for research projects, enabling postdocs to undertake ambitious research projects that may not have been possible otherwise.

Being awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship is a prestigious achievement, providing postdocs with recognition for their research accomplishments and enhancing their reputation in the academic community.

The fellowship offers a range of career development opportunities, including training in research management, scientific communication, and leadership, which can be valuable for postdocs looking to advance their careers.

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MSCA Sweden is initiated by Alminica AB, a deeptech innovation SME in Sweden.


MSCA Sweden is part of innovation ecosystem with research organizations and SMEs

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